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 Acrylic Bin Systems

Acrylic Bin Systems

Acrylic Bin SystemsCreate the perfect display for beads, marbles, tumbled stones, or other small items that take up a lot of counter space. Instead of hiding merchandise in boxes and baskets, use these all-clear acrylic bins to give visibility and let light through. We have several different sized bin systems to meet your needs. Each system is made up of two endpieces and a selection of trays. The trays all have different numbers of glued-in dividers. To order bin systems, you need to: 1) Choose which size system you want: Standard, Wide, Narrow, or Extra-Large. The tray size is the main difference between the systems. 2) Choose how many tiers of trays you want in the system. 3) Choose from the divided-tray options listed with each system to get the trays with the compartment sizes that you need. All systems pack unassembled for easy shipping and come with nylon thumb screws for assembly.


 Narrow Bins

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 Tray Dividers for Acrylic Bin Systems

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