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 Acrylic Cleaners

Acrylic Cleaners

Acrylic Cleaning Tips - To prevent scratching, always use a soft cloth in conjunction with a special plastic cleaner or soap and water.

DO NOT use paper towels.

DO N0T clean acrylic with alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners.


$ 11.25

Novus 1 - This spray cleans without scratching or “crazing,” and it helps to repel dust by decreasing static. 8 oz. Bottle


$ 13.56

Novus 2 - This paste can help remove fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from most plastics. 8 oz. Bottle


$ 17.16

Novus 3 - To remove heavy scratches and abrasions from most plastics, this paste requires use of Novis No. 2 for a final finish. 8 oz. Bottle

Dims: " H


$ 7.17

Polish Mates - Disposable cloths made especially for cleaning acrylic are low lint, abrasion resistant, and durable. Pack of 6

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