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Light Bases & Turntables



Turntables4" & 6" Square black turntables, with optional beveled mirror tops.


 Large Turntable - See Below

Small Revolving Top Electric Turntable  

Dims: 4" Diameter


$ 73.89

This compact electric turntable is 4'' square and 2 1/4'' high. The box is a slightly textured black plastic and the top is a smooth black acrylic. The top revolves at 4 RPMs and holds up to 1 lb. Comes fully assembled with 6-foot cord and in-line switch.

Large 6 inch Rotating Turntable 

Dims: 6'' Diameter


$ 153.11

The 6 1/2-square turntable is 3 1/2 high and made of all smooth black acrylic. The top is 5 1/2 in diameter and holds up to 25 pounds, while revolving at 1 rpms. Fully assembled with 6-foot cord with in-line switch.

Dims: 6" Diameter


$ 8.91

For a 6" beveled mirror that will fit on the top of the Revolving Top Large Electric Turntable, #TNX6, order separately

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